Photography by : Roman Paudy Pulvermüller


Global Mission + Core Values


Mission Statement

We are a presence driven, global family, bringing the kingdom

Photography by Roman Paudy Pulvermüller


Core Values

God's Presence
Encountering His presence in every thing we do. We want to experience Him when we study the Word, or when we are worshipping, fellowshipping, in our daily jobs, and even when we are sleeping. The evidence of His presence should be an abiding peace and joy manifesting with signs and wonders, healings and deliverance.

Family and Community
Walking together to see the fullness of Gods glory revealed, through encouragement in successes and failures, looking for the best and not settling for less than, the unique reflection of Christ in us. We are also committed to connecting with other churches and making bridges into the community to see the fullness of what God intended.

Being radical lovers of God, honoring Him through songs, writing, dance, ministry, work, and play. We are called to be worshippers, and as such the full expression of our lives should release worship for Him.

God’s kingdom invading the whole earth, through each of us being filled with Holy Spirit As a result of the Holy Spirit working in and through us should bring transformation in people, cities, cultures, regions, and nations. We want to leave places differently than how we found them, as His Kingdom advances in the earth.

We believe that God is good and has good things for us. We live out the desires of our hearts passionately for Him in the beauty of His creation; Doing the things we love with the one that we love.