Kelly Clark - US Open and World Snowboard Tour Halfpipe Champion

We already gave Kelly a standing ovation when she three-peated as X Games Superpipe champion this year---and just last week she won the US Open and 2013 TTR World Snowboard Tour Halfpipe Champion title. We're so stoked for ya Kelly. Checkout what the ESPN/X-Games website wrote: 

"The most dominant competitor in snowboarding is not Shaun White. It's Kelly Clark, who nabbed the 61st win of her career at the Burton U.S. Open on Saturday. This is her sixth U.S. Open halfpipe win, which makes her the winningest U.S. Open competitor in history and the snowboarder with the most overall contest wins -- male or female. With today's first-place finish, Clark has also secured the 2013 TTR World Snowboard Tour Halfpipe Champion title.  "What an honor," said Clark, of the multiple distinctions bestowed upon her. "What an amazing contest this was here today. Such a great pipe! I had a blast. All the ladies rode great.""

to read the whole article and see the pics, click here:

also, here's a screenshot from the ESPN XGames site!

Also, have a look at Kelly's Foundation's Website: