Tuttle's in Nepal

Hey Guys,

You probably heard by now... but our very own Cherise + Cody Tuttle from Mammoth went to Nepal to film + photograph the climbing of Anapurna (10th highest peak in the world at over 8,000 metres (26,000 ft)). While there, a massive earthquake hit, so needless to say it all got crazy. The short version is they are all right. Here's the latest from facebook: 

"The adidas Outdoor crew arrived inPokhara yesterday. Immediately upon arrival our wonderful and ambitious leader Don Bowie went straight to work speaking to organizations about how we could help in Nepali efforts. With his efforts put forward he was able to find any amazing opportunity for our team in the Gorkha area. The area happens to be one of the most affected by the Nepali earth quake, and it's aftershocks. The zone is more volatile than most, and requires very skilled and confident workers to take on the task of reconnaissance in areas including the Gorkha district, and other areas near there that may have been affected as well. So today the team including Benjamin ErdmannJess Roskelley and Alex Barber went on a hunt for last minute items that the organization has specifically asked for. As we settle up with getting the proper gear, medicines, food and vehicles to transport the items to Gorkha, we are reaching out in all directions to friends, family, associates, and people in general that are looking to help with the cause. We are working with a local agency, and with locals to take immediate action and will be hitting the road tomorrow to put your help to use. Our amazing base camp manager Cherise Tuttle will be holding down the fort in Pokhara with our film crew Director Cody Tuttle, and our producers Scott Rogers and Echo Giesel Widmer. From there they will serve as our ground support team and will be working on fundraising, communications, media relations, aid workers support and registration .....as well as preparing loads to be taken and brought back from the Gorkha district. Below is a link that you can go to in order to see our story, and our agenda.....all proceeds with go directly to our cause, and be put to immediate action. Spread the word! And help us make a difference!http://www.morethansport.org/partner/nepalrelief "

2nd from left = Cody, 3rd from left = Cherise

 Thanks for all your prayers, and if you'd like to get involved---please do!