Powder, hot pools, raw fish, beautiful scenery, beautiful people....After years of having it in our hearts, Lighthouse is now answering the call to head over to Japan! We've been checking it out for a while and it's now confirmed that Lighthouse is officially planning to get established in the world-renowned powder paradise Niseko. How cool is that? Just to give you a taste, here's a little film that Dave Porter made of our trip there last February.


Lighthouse Global Japan Trip 2015 from Lighthouse Global on Vimeo.



We want to get permanently established in Niseko rather than coming and going with the seasons, but the next step will be to get people over there next winter to live family and build relationships in the area. We are super suuuuuuper excited to announce that Ryan and Lauren Harris have agreed to head this up next winter! Whaaaaaat? It's true! We wouldn't lie to you. 


This is a global thing. We want to get the whole Lighthouse Global Movement involved so talk to God and if you're at all interested in going over to Niseko next winter to shred, hang out with friends, have fun (important) and bring God's love then please get in touch with us as soon as possible! 

If you can't go this time but still want to be involved in some other way like praying, giving, encouraging or connecting us with people, or if you just want to know more we'll be stoked to hear from you too. You can contact Willy and Vince on laaxlh@gmail.com


To finish off here's our friend JP with a little background on Jesus and the shred world in Niseko. Let's get this happening!

Moni and Willy, Jen and Vince, Lauren and Ryan


JP talks Niseko from Lighthouse Global on Vimeo