photography by: Roman Paudy Pulvermüller


MLSSM Guest Speakers 

The Mammoth Lighthouse School of Supernatural Ministry brings in a variety of guest speakers throughout the year who will teach, share, impart, answer questions and spend time with our students. Our mission is to equip and empower the students with a revelation of love, intimacy and relationship that will enable them to be sent out with strong life skills and training in order to transform their sphere of influence. These guest speakers are an invaluable part of MLSMM curriculum! Although the guest speakers each year may change, we invite people to come speak who have relationship with the Global Lighthouse Movement, who carry and or move in the five fold ministry of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher as described in Ephesians 4, and have a value for imparting their gifting. We also have begun using Skype so that speakers from all over the globe who teach, pray, activate and impart to our students over the internet.

Recent Guest Speakers Include:

Ray Hughes

Global + Local Lighthouse Leaders

Eric and Candace Johnson

Shawn Bolz

Danny Silk

Chad and Julia Dedmon

Dan McCollum , users/danmccollam

Michael Dalton

Elbert Paul

Gary and Kathi Oates

Stacey and Wesley Campbell

Albie Pearson

Bobby Connors

Scott Walchek, Founder, CEO, Chairman of Trōv

Paul & Sue Manwaring,