International Students

Tips and Info

If you are an international student coming to our training program, there are a few things that you will need to know. We’ve had many international students over the years but have also learned some things, as some students haven’t been able to get visas. These tips are meant to help guide you in being successful in the visa application process. Please begin the process as soon as possible in order to ensure receiving you visa on time.
  • We are not recognized as a school under SEVIS, so you must apply for a Visitor Visa unless you have other government recognition (ie, Green Card status, professional athlete, or already hold a student visa).
  • The two visa’s previous students have applied for is  a 3 month visitor visa or 6 month B-2 visitor visa, With both of these you will need to plan to leave North America (Canada and Mexico no longer allow renewal of visitor visas for the States.)
  • Our program is 16 hours a week and lasts for 7 months with a 3 week break for Christmas, and an international outreach trip before graduation. This falls within the guidelines for both visas.
  • The wording on your visa application as well as your immigration interview is extremely important. As we are not recognized by the government as a “school,” we are technically a leadership training program. Immigration has to place everything with certain labels and if you write “school” instead of the “leadership training program” they may deny any visas.
  • Proof of connection to your home country is very important too. Immigration must know that you are planning on returning home and what you will be returning to. Also they will want financial proof that you can support yourself while you are here.
  • We can provide you with a letter that will inform immigration with more details of the program if necessary.

We are looking forward to having you join us!