Lighthouse Mission Trip to Kailash Kora Tibet

Lighthouse Missions

We are a Global Family, therefore international travel is a part of staying connected and building our Global Community. Missions is a huge part of our identity.  To give to LH Global Missions:


Here are some highlight from recent trips to Japan, Tibet and Bulgaria.

Update 6
Getting stoked on some gifts that showed up from the other side of the world... Feeling the Love!!!


Update 5
We are making steps to fit in with the locals and getting the required equipment for the mission.


Update 4
Christmas was a very different experience thousands of miles away from home... but we had a lot of fun and worshiped Jesus with some Japanese Brothers and Sisters in Christ. It was such a privilege to be invited into their Christmas Eve Service, even though we don't speak any Nihon-go. 


Update 3 
It was a little more difficult than we expected to get Niseko United season passes.

Update 2
When preparing for coming over to Niseko we reached out to a lot of people to try to help find a place to stay. In the end, almost everyone told us that it would be a miracle to find a place in Niseko this winter. 
Once we arrived in Sapporo I sent a message to Niseko Properties to inquire about a place someone had sent me a link to. It turned out that the place was already booked for the season... watch the Vlog to see what happened.



Update 1
Here is the first Vlog from Japan... Enjoy!


Niseko, Japan

We have felt the call to begin the process of planting a Lighthouse community in Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan. This winter 15-16, we are sending a small team to the Niseko reigon to begin building connections and praying into the right path to take in building a Lighthouse Home there. Stay posted through this winter to see what the team is up to. If you have a heart to see Lighthouse find a home in Niseko, there are multiple ways you can partner with us. Through giving, praying, or visiting.  

In this video our friend JP gives an imformative talk about the great oppertunity and need for the Gospel that awaints us.


Tibetan Autonomous Region, China

Tibet is one of the most secluded unreached regions of the world. In September 2015, a team of 20 Jesus Lovers from 7 nations came together to walk out the words of Jesus from Acts 1:8 "... you will be my witnesses... to the farthest part of the earth." Journeying into the heart of the Buddhist/Hindu world to preach the Gospel, Release Healing, Worship, and Pray at Mt. Kailash. This trip was a great success as many people heard the name of Jesus for the first time ever, people where healed as we prayed for them, joy and worship was released in a land previously known for carrying the heaviness of death and destruction. 

 This photo is of a woman we encountered in a tea hut during our 3 day, 52km (32 mile) hike, at up to 5,600m (18,400 ft) around Mt. Kailash. Here she is being tough how to pray to Jesus Christ, the Most High God. Our teams faces are blurred due to security reasons. 


Bulgaria - Anko's New Home

In December 2014 a small team went to Bulgaria to buy and build a new home for Anko, a Gypsy Pastor and his family. This families home was destroyed when the local government decided to reclaim land they had previously told the Roma people they could build on. When 1/3 of their village was demolished, Anko and his family where suddenly homeless. With his 12 yr old son having muscular dystrophy and winter on the way their condition was extreme to say the least. The property we where able to purchase had a partially built home on it, the structure was actually big enough for the first level to function as the new church home. God really came through on this one, providing a home for the both Families, His and the Church... 2 for 1!!! The video below shows the work we did. There is still more work to be done to complete the home to it full Glory, if you have a heart to give toward this project contact Ryan Harris -