Switzerland baby!

We arrived in Switzerland full of expectation; the prophetic words that people had given us for our journey filled our hearts with anticipation for how God would use us to encourage the Swiss people. 
"You are all carrying a torch for the third leg of the race." Two teams had been in Switzerland in recent years - one to pray the Swiss Lighthouses' into existence, and the other to attend September's global gathering. Our MLSSM had been told that we were part of the story. That over the next two weeks - travelling from Zurich to Davos, and on to Laax and Flims - we would be part of continuing to build that momentum of faith here in this country. 
Being unified together as a team would assure that the joy and love that we carried would set hearts on fire, and would encourage the people we came into contact with to continue on in God's heart for Switzerland and the Swiss people. 
We are so excited to be here and to hear God's heart for this nation!