The final leg at Flims / Laax 

Arriving late on Sunday night, our final two days would be with the Laax Lighthouse crew, so we knew we would have to make the most of our final chances to consume lots of chocolate, cheese and amazing fresh bread and coffee! 
We got to connect and hang out with some of the crew and leaders and bless them - even in small ways by making dinner! Having an evening with the leadership team was awesome, as we waited on the Holy Spirit to show us what we could encourage our incredible Swissie friends with. They were left with a bit of US love: huge stacked burgers with cheese & bacons, chips and Ben & Jerrys'!
A few of us spent time on the mountain on our final day, involving the best BBQ'ed sausages stuffed with cheese we had ever tasted, heated toilets with a view of the mountain) but a mirror on the other side to stop others from looking in, epic chocolate tart & coffee (worth it's weight in gold and costing that too), taking the rope pulley to the highest point of the mountain and skiing down the glacier - and taking tips from our expert Swiss ski guides on how to actually ski on the 4pm slush. God was definitely stoked on the fact that we got to ski (or was that just Jamie?) 
Our final night was spent at the super cool Living Room coffee shop which opens specially for the Laax Lighthouse church on a Tuesday night. A night of worship, preaching from Natalie & Jamie, and our team giving prophetic words to each person there, made for a long night! But it was a night to remember, as the two Lighthouse crews got to remind each other how much they value and love the other! 
We were so blessed in so many ways by the Laax crew - all and amazing team - who do community and generosity so well. We love you!