The Book of Revelation

As a family, we have been taking a closer look into the Book of Revelation. Below are some of my [Jamie's] favourite resources from the most trusted voices in Bible Scholarship -- for exploring key questions, perspectives, issues, and going deeper into John's revelation of Jesus Christ.



The best intro + overview of Revelation I've found to date is the 2-part vid series by the The Bible Project. Each vid is  only 11ish min long, so check em out. Here is part 1:

Check out part 2:

The other 'best' intro to Revelation is in the form of 2 teachings from Paul Spilsbury. The first is a 2hr overview of the entire book--where he explores the book as a whole as well as some of the most popular + important topics such as the Beast, numbers such as 666, the dragon, the lamb, and the lion:

In addition, here is a sermon on Revelation 1:1-3 called: "Blessed! Understanding the Message of Revelation"

Both messages taught/shared @ North Shore Alliance Church in North Vancouver, Canada. Here's the link to their website:



It has been difficult to find a good introduction/overview book that is easy to read, clear in its arguments, and sound in its theology. That being said, here are a few books I am currently reading through in my search to discover the best option.

Paul Spilsbury - the-throne-the-lamb-and-the-dragon - 267 .jpg
NT Wright - Revelation for Everyone - 267.jpg
Metzger - Breaking the Code - 267.jpg


Richard Bauckham's book: The Theology of the Book of Revelation is an excellent book for going deeper into the Book of Revelation. It is not written at the introductory level, so if you are new to Biblical Studies, you may want to have someone help you read through it or read an intro/overview type book first:)

Gordon Fee's commentary simply called: Revelation, is my favourite commentary on Revelation. Straight forward + powerful. 

Gordon Fee - Revelation.png


Finally, if you have any fav books on Revelation, send em over:

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