Europe Missions Trip - Easter Fun Day part 1

After several days of travel, delays, and miracles---we finally ended up in Geneva Switzerland. From there, Andreas Perch of the Val d'Isere Lighthouse picked us up and drove us straight to Val d'Isere France. Tanja and Andreas had planned and promoted a children's Easter Fun Day for the community. This type thing does not exist in their community, so they felt like it would be an amazing way to connect people and serve the families. 

Our team--straight off the plane, filled the 500 eggs (we had brought from the USA) with all kinds of goodies and hid them in the snow and trees around the kids playground in the center of town. Then they gathered all the kids and set them loose on an epic Easter Egg hunt. It was amazing. We even had a dog find an egg that had been burried in the snow. 

Some of the children and parents arrived a bit late, so we hid another round of eggs in a different section of the park and all these children were able to join in the fun!!