Wanaka Lighthouse Church Worship

Welcome to Wanaka Lighthouse

Kia ora

Welcome to the Wanaka Lighthouse, we are a small and down to earth group, passionate about seeking God and seeing the Kingdom come to earth.  

We live in the very beautiful, bustling and rapidly growing Upper Clutha district of New Zealand - with the township of Wanaka as our base.

Ours is a mixed aged community - lots of active kids, lots of active 20 somethings... middle aged and more...   Our meetings are sometimes noisy and a little chaotic - but we want everyone to feel at home so we celebrate the craziness!

We have a desire for Gods love to be displayed through natural relationship in our community - and our church family is drawn from a very wide range of vocations and employment settings.  On the whole we are a fairly creative bunch...  entrepreneurial, artistic, business minded and more.  We are happily infiltrating all the sections of our community! 

We are not trying to build a church, but rather we are a community of people that love and care for each other -  we do this by having fun, hanging out with each other, drinking coffee, encouraging each other, watching movies, praying for each other, supporting each other, ministering and hearing the word of God for each other.  Trying to live honest lives as whanau.

We believe when we do this....then GOD BUILDS HIS CHURCH.