A Joyful Servant Called Porter

Dave Porter exemplifies serving---and he always does it with a smile on his face. Dave & Stevie honored him on behalf of our community, with a booklet of encouragements from our Lighthouse family locally and around the world. Then we circle-pitted him with the whole Mammoth family and prayed/prophesied over him. We love you Dave!!

Visit to Calvary Worship Centre

Sam Owusu

Natalie and I got to visit our family + friends at Calvary Worship Centre ( calvaryonline.ca ) in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.  While we were there Sam Owusu preached a riot of a message called: When God Disrupts Your Life-----man can Africans bring it!!! Click here to check out the video of the message. Sam and I also had some amazing chats about the Prophetic and Spiritual Warfare with Dr. John McLeod. It was amazing to connect with our international family--Love you guys!

Sam getting crazy!!