Always amazing to have family come and share the heart of God!! Elbert Paul has been serving and encouraging the Lighthouse Global Family for many years. Here's an excerpt from Sunday evening at Mammoth Lighthouse: "Have you ever noticed in the West, we have a success optic? You might be measuring yourself [thru a lens] by a standard (ie. success) the Holy Spirit is not using with you."  

So good!!

Elbert Paul in da House

Visit to Calvary Worship Centre

Sam Owusu

Natalie and I got to visit our family + friends at Calvary Worship Centre ( calvaryonline.ca ) in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.  While we were there Sam Owusu preached a riot of a message called: When God Disrupts Your Life-----man can Africans bring it!!! Click here to check out the video of the message. Sam and I also had some amazing chats about the Prophetic and Spiritual Warfare with Dr. John McLeod. It was amazing to connect with our international family--Love you guys!

Sam getting crazy!!