Åre Purpose and Vision

ALH would like to be a place where people can feel belonging, grow in faith and be themselves. We want to help people come to faith in Christ and live with God in everyday life. We want to live out the good news of Jesus Christ by spreading joy, peace, hope, justice, and love in Åre and other ski resorts around the world.



Our Core Values

God's Presence

We want to include God in everything we do and constantly be aware of his presence. We want to experience Him when we read the Bible, worship, in community with others and in our work, when we go on the slopes, and even when we sleep. Some signs of His presence is joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control, freedom, wonder, miracles, healings and deliverance.

Close relationships

Close relationships are important to us. We strive to treat everyone who comes to ALH as a "family member", for us it means that you do not need to be perfect. ALH should be a place where God's perfect love cast out all fear so that everyone in our community feel welcome, safe, feel free to grow as people and go after their God-given dreams. In ALH, you are loved for who they are and not for what you are performing, this is the place to try and fail. We support each other in success and defeat, we share joy and sorrow. We also want to have good relations with other churches in Åre and other ski resorts in the world. We work actively to support, bless and cooperate with them.

Praise and Worship

We want to be radical lovers of God, giving glory to God in and through everything we do, in creative expression as singing, dancing or written texts, in worship or in everyday work and play.


We want to see God's kingdom grow and His will be done on earth. We want to be filled and letting the Holy Spirit work in and through us so that we can see people, cities, regions and nations transformed by God's love. We want to see places we leave closer to God than we found them. In our church, we want a kingdom of God culture that allows fivefold leadership and spiritual gifts, applied by Jesus' teaching ministry, where he who would like to be the greatest must be a servant, and Paul's teaching on the spiritual unity in which we all need each other.

Have fun

We believe that God is good and He wants to give us good things. We believe that He has given us dreams and interests, therefore we live that out in His marvelous creation in gratitude to Him!