Ryan and Sara Hall Overcoming Fear and Not Holding Offense

Loads of fun having Sara and Ryan Hall back in Mammoth for a visit! And it was amazing to get to see their growing family (4 girls!!!). Thanks for sharing your hearts in church and encouraging us: 

Sara: "The greatest killer to trusting God is letting Offense creep in.... when things don't turn out how [we] expect them to. Or when the season you are in--isn't what you thought it would look like." 
Ryan: "We need to overcome fears in our life. Jesus died on the cross to set us free from fear!"

We appreciate you guys tons! 


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Spirit Wars Tonight

Tonight for Wednesday Night Live we'll be doing session 1 of Kris Valloton's teaching: Spirit Wars. Order a Spirit Wars workbook (Amazon.com or Bethel Bookstore) and come on out! Last week was amazing and we're really looking forward to what God is going to do tonight as we gather:) See ya at 7:00pm

The Heart for Global Lighthouse

This past Sunday evening at Mammoth Lighthouse, Ryan and Lauren Harris shared an amazing groundwork for what God is doing in the earth, what he desires to do thru our global family, and testimonies of his love for the nations.

At one point Ryan looked up and pointed to the lights hanging from the ceiling in the Mammoth Lighthouse, and said that these lights represent what God is wanting to do all over the globe. Honestly---I was rocked, I have never dreamed quite that large. It was so encouraging and stretching at the same time.

They ended with a challenge for each of us to ask God what each of our roles might be---to participate in what God is doing globally! So let's pray and ask God what/how he wants to use us:)

Ryan + Lauren Sharing at Mammoth Lighthouse Church


Always amazing to have family come and share the heart of God!! Elbert Paul has been serving and encouraging the Lighthouse Global Family for many years. Here's an excerpt from Sunday evening at Mammoth Lighthouse: "Have you ever noticed in the West, we have a success optic? You might be measuring yourself [thru a lens] by a standard (ie. success) the Holy Spirit is not using with you."  

So good!!

Elbert Paul in da House

I Dont Need to Be Good at My Job, Because Jesus is Good at His

An Evening with Chris Gore at Mammoth Lighthouse. Chris is the Director of Healing Ministries at Bethel Church in Redding, California, including the Healing Rooms. 

He shared the simplicity of putting our faith in Jesus, not in our brilliant prayers, or in anything else. Just Him. Such an encouraging + empowering message.

Check it out below or by heading over to our Lighthouse Media page.
Click to play: 

Chris Gore - Part 1 - Teaching 
Chris Gore - Part 2 Prayer + Ministry Time For Healing   

Chris Gore and Baby Hudson

Youth Group + Ministry School gettin' down

On Thursday evening at the Lighthouse Global Summit the kids of the combined mega-youth-group of Church on the Mountain and Mammoth Lighthouse came to the party.

Dano called them out and had them come up front, then the Mammoth Lighthouse School of Supernatural Ministry students came up and prayed for them!!! Amazing!

[photocred: @jeremychn (instagram)]