Ryan and Sara Hall Overcoming Fear and Not Holding Offense

Loads of fun having Sara and Ryan Hall back in Mammoth for a visit! And it was amazing to get to see their growing family (4 girls!!!). Thanks for sharing your hearts in church and encouraging us: 

Sara: "The greatest killer to trusting God is letting Offense creep in.... when things don't turn out how [we] expect them to. Or when the season you are in--isn't what you thought it would look like." 
Ryan: "We need to overcome fears in our life. Jesus died on the cross to set us free from fear!"

We appreciate you guys tons! 


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Grace and Richard are Trusting God

Grace and Richard Lawson shared some incredible stories of God's faithfulness and His overwhelming goodness, as they trust God with every situation in their lives. Thanks for sharing with us!!


Follow Richard + Grace and what God is doing in their lives (and around the world) at lovingorphansglobal.org

Renewing your Mind

Dave shared on renewing your mind 2 weeks back, then last week I recommended 3 ways to get started renewing our minds:

1. Scripture. Reading Psalm 84 this week to transform + refresh our mind

2. Worship. Listening to worship and being renewed by passion + truth. Endless Ocean by Jonathan David Helser is free on youtube and you can listen/watch it as many times as you need to!

3. Arts.Brian Doerksen + friends wrote + recorded a play about one person's journey to discovering the love of the Father. The play is called Father's House, and the soundtrack is rich in truth about our discovery of how much God's heart if 'for' us! Download a copy at Brian's webstore. It will change your day/week....

Cody and Cherise Motorbiking Nepal

Here's a recent update from Cherise + Cody in Nepal:

We are currently in Tatopani on our way up to Upper Mustang. It will be a 10 day trip to film the old kingdom of Mustang for their Tij festival. There are 5 'foreigners' on 3 bikes (Royal Enfields) and then we have a support jeep with 2 translator/guides and the driver. They are part of Karma Flights which is a small grassroots NGO based out of Pokhara Nepal. We worked with them extensively last year doing aid relief work after the earthquake. We are one day in and have had 1 flat tire, one broken foot peg and a broken headlight...so far so good! Prayers: safety, bikes wouldn't break down, show our love to these beautiful people, teammates to see our love for God - they come from all sorts of 'walks' and we've had some pretty great God talks already:) We will try to update as much as we can! Send our love to our Lighthouse family!!

Candle Light Christmas Service

On Sunday Dec 20th, at 6pm we will be having our Candle Light Christmas Service!
We will be singing:

Joy to the World, O Come all Ye Faithful, Away in a Manger, The First Noel, O Come, O Come Emmanuel, O Holy Night, and Silent Night!
We will read the story of Christ's Birth from: Luke 2:1-21, and have cider & refreshments afterward to celebrate!!

Merry Christmas!

Candle Light Christmas Service


Spirit Wars Tonight

Tonight for Wednesday Night Live we'll be doing session 1 of Kris Valloton's teaching: Spirit Wars. Order a Spirit Wars workbook (Amazon.com or Bethel Bookstore) and come on out! Last week was amazing and we're really looking forward to what God is going to do tonight as we gather:) See ya at 7:00pm

Scholarships Available Now

Scholarships are now available for School of Ministry.
If finances have been the reason you're holding back... now you don't have to:)
Apply today by clicking the photo below or at: lighthouseglobal.org/scholarships/  
For more info or to check out a vid about our school: lighthouseglobal.org/school/  

Wanna go deeper with God - Apply today!

Cody Tuttle in Nepal

Here's an update from Cody (and Cherise) Tuttle from Nepal, where they were in the process of photographing and filming a crew who were climbing Annapurna (the 10th highest peak in the world at over 8,000 metres (26,000 ft)) when a massive earthquake hit Nepal: 

"Our team has decided to leave the mountain behind and refocus our primary objective on doing what we can to help the Nepali people who have been devastated by last weeks earthquake. We are joining up with highly qualified N.G.O’s that will direct our team and make sure that our resources will be used efficiently and effectively. Please follow the link below If you would like to help join us in these efforts.  




Cody Tuttle at Annapurna in Nepal


The Heart for Global Lighthouse

This past Sunday evening at Mammoth Lighthouse, Ryan and Lauren Harris shared an amazing groundwork for what God is doing in the earth, what he desires to do thru our global family, and testimonies of his love for the nations.

At one point Ryan looked up and pointed to the lights hanging from the ceiling in the Mammoth Lighthouse, and said that these lights represent what God is wanting to do all over the globe. Honestly---I was rocked, I have never dreamed quite that large. It was so encouraging and stretching at the same time.

They ended with a challenge for each of us to ask God what each of our roles might be---to participate in what God is doing globally! So let's pray and ask God what/how he wants to use us:)

Ryan + Lauren Sharing at Mammoth Lighthouse Church

Last Party of the Year

An amazing time of acoustic worship with the whole family!! Then an amazing minipreach + testimony from Captain Forest Bell!! And finally a hearty full-sized preach on John 14 from Pastor Dave Nelson. All in all an amazing final party together to wrap up 2014.

Patrick + Lynell + Josh + Ross Forest Bell on the Mic

Pastor Dave


Lighthouse Athletes at Rev Tour 2014

Carly shredding Rev Tour 2014Carly airborne at Rev Tour 2014As you'll recall (if you were at Mammoth Lighthouse 2 weeks back), we prayed for and sent off 3 of our favourite high school shredders to compete at the 2014 Dew Tour in Colorado!!

Carly Margulies just finished 5th in half pipe and 8th in slope style!! Here's a couple pics of her shredding, as well as a pic of the entire crew from Mammoth!! Way to go Carly!!

Josh, Sierra, and Carly at Rev Tour 2014