Powder, breakthrough and blessing

 With every week comes greater revelation - and more snow!

Over the weekend, we had another snow storm - a total answer to our prayers - 'God, let it rain, let it snow!' California so needs the snow right now - the snow to bless the tourist industry here after a number of very difficult years with little snow (as well as just getting some awesme riding in which we love). So we are super thankful that God is bringing fresh powder and there has been an amazing start to the season.
Last week was a totally varied school week - ranging from a coffee walk around town, waiting for the the Holy Spirit to lead us, praying favour and increase over the town and businesses in Mammoth, right through to watching Danny Silk's 'The Father's Ladder' video and God revealing areas of our life that he needed to bless and bring breakthrough (which totally happened!) Reading our course book, 'Spiritual Slaves to Spiritual Sonship' by Jack Frost is totally wrecking all of us... Because of the choices Adam and Eve made in the Garden of Eden, we were all born with an orphan spirit, but the book is speaking to us about displacing this spirit with true son and daughtership. It is about finding our true home, where we stop striving and performing for acceptance, and instead we discover our rest in God and our true place as his sons and daughters. When we truly know our Heavenly Father as Daddy (not just head but heart knowledge), we step into much greater freedom.
And this Saturday was the first fundraising event for our school Missions trip to Switzerland, where we will travel to together in March. Although the itinerary is still being planned, we do know that we will be going to support the YWAM base in Davos and encourage the new Lighthouse church in Laax. Thank you to everyone who came to our clothes swap, Kalyn for the hand massages and Doterra oils, Becca and her clothes styling, and Ashley for her Mary Kay beauty tips! And we all got some sweet new threads! We'll be doing more, so watch this space! Keep praying too for Lauren and Ryan as they plan to head off to Japan to establish a new Lighthouse there.