Testimonies, dreams, breakthrough prayers - and SNOW! #Mammothsopen!!

Encouraged by our time with Michael Dalton, this week was a chance for us to step into more of what God has for us. We've done five full weeks now at school, and so much has changed in our hearts, miracles have been happening and we're expecting more!
Yet, we hadn't shared our testimonies with each other. Although each of us had heard snippets of the others' life journeys, telling our stories in an intentional way, chronologically, and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, was such an amazing way of sharing what God had done in our lives. Each of us seemed so different now to the person described in the testimony, having gone through some crazy times - and we were able to give Him so much glory in that, because only He had been able to bring that turnaround.
We started to share about how God spoke to us at night, learning that we could ask the Holy Spirit to invade our sleep and speak to us through our dreams. A few of us shared dreams we had had, and we started to learn how to decipher whether the dream was from God or not (ie. we could just ask him!) It was an amazing opportunity to start to learn what to look for when we feel like a dream is more than just what we think we initially see. 
The questions we could ask the Holy Spirit were:
- God is that you?
- What should I do?
- What are you saying? (Is it literal?)
- Can you show me more?
Dreaming in the prophetic also turned into learning to discern in the prophetic - and that not every prophetic word is to be shared right away. We can often end up sharing what God is saying and then adding on another 50% of our own interpretation.
And with the first snow - and the mountain opening a week early - we were amped to get out there! With nearly a 3 foot base of fresh snow, it was a pretty good start to the winter season. We can't wait for who we are going to meet, connect and adventure with on the mountain during our school! 
And God's doing some powerful things - miracles are happening and specific prayers are being answered - from phones to laptops to donations to help with course fees! We are still praying for breakthrough in other areas and believing God is going to bring it! Including MORE SNOW!