Language is Everything

When I walked into school on Monday afternoon, I had no idea what to expect from Michael Dalton.
I had heard a great deal of stories from others about his words and prophecies but hadn’t yet experienced him myself. 

From the minute he strolled through the door with his coffee, he spoke wisdom and truth into our lives. 
“What you see becomes your language, and your language becomes your life."
Growing up in a church you’d think I would see healing and prophecies more, but I didn’t, if I did it was very rare. Whenever I would walk into a service, all I expected was worship, a word, and hugging a few people. 
The minute I showed up to Lighthouse church I knew that something was different. I began to see God’s provision for others in so many ways. I began to actually see His provision in my life. My atmosphere was completely changed and because I started to see all of these things happening, I started to expect them. And that’s what has changed my life. 
As Michael walked us through the “language” aspects and how they will drastically change how we do ministry, he tells us “the language you release can stop, or start the life you want.” 
If we as the church, speak doubt, we won't expect these miracles to happen. However, if we speak in faith and believe that God is going to do something, it changes our expectations and will then in turn transform our entire lives.