Winter Wonderland

Where has January gone?! The delayed blog post could well be attributed to a lot of mountain time and some sweet powder and great snow fall here in Mammoth!

Plus, we've had an amazing few weeks back at school, where God is taking some of us on a fast track of breakthrough but also doing a lot of breaking in our hearts! Hard but good times and so worth it, as we ask him for more guidance in showing us what He wants to do in our hearts.
Just before we started back at school, the four of us organised a Winter Wonderland fundraiser; live music, a roaring fire, hot chocolate and mountains of whipped cream and a LOT of finger food cooked by "CJ's" restaurant's finest chef! Organising an event during the holidays definitely presented it's challenges, but as well as fundraising for our Switzerland missions trip, we were able to bless our Lighthouse community with a fun night and a ridiculous amount of food!
We were also blessed to host Chris Gore and his team here at Lighthouse, Bethel's Healing Director and head of the Healing Rooms there in Redding. In between waiting for the lift to 'Cornice' to open on the mountain and hearing amazing testimonies of healings over bowls of deep-fried potatoes, we had the opportunity to just get to hang out and get to know Chris and his team which was really special. We knew how unique this was to actually spend time with our speaker and team – that's the advantage of a small ministry school in the mountains!
In this next season, particularly before we head off to Switzerland on our missions trip, our focus is on intentionality. What does it look like to talk to God before we enter a room, or get on a chairlift, or stand next to someone in the coffee queue? Does He have an encouraging word He wants to give them? Does He want us to just chat to them? Or does He actually have something prophetic that He wants us to share. As we start asking God to share his heart for people around us, there has been a combination of freaking out and excitement for us!! But not only are we blessing the people around us, we are being blessed ourselves as we step out and take a risk. We're finding this treasure hunting pretty fun! And that God wants to love and bless His people!