A Culture of Honor

Honor. What does that mean to you? It can kind of sound like an old-fashioned word and not particularly relevant today without getting to understand more of the heart behind it.

As part of school and Lighthouse church, we've been looking at how honor is actually allowing people to be free, and giving individuals' space to live out their unique giftings (sometimes in a church environment) so they can de deployed out onto the wider world, secure in their giftings. 

We have seen that honor always seeks to prioritize relationship over being right or proving a point. Honor always looks to keep love on in a conflict and in a video series from Danny Silk, we continue to examine what this looks like for each of us — and how to actually make this happen in reality! 

Keeping our connection on and loving the person is the most important way in which we can honor them. It's so good — because we are learning it actually strengthens and deepens our relationships!