Times with the Zurich crew!

Thank you to all the Zurich crew for such an incredible welcome! We came to bless you guys, and encourage the different Zurich Lighthouse groups - Mel & Cam's and Bene's - but we came away feeling equally loved and blessed by you. The speed and ease of the connections that were made were just a reminder of the heart of Lighthouse - and that we are a global family. 
From Saturday's gathering in Uster with Mel & Cam, to the community night at Bene's house, to Bene's small group, we got to pray, prophesy and just worship Jesus together! We had some awesome tour guides who helped us see the history of the city, and as we discovered this, we learned how to pray for the city and the people. The cheesiest fondues, amazing laughs and funny walks, insane Monet and Picasso paintings at the Kunsthaus, tricks at the skate park, getting to pray and bless locals we met along the way, leaving prophetic paper airplanes with scripture in the river were just some of the highlights in Zurich! We love you and want to take you all back home with us!